1. Reverse Death
    Seattle, Washington
  2. Eniks Cave
    Seattle, Washington
  3. Lanayah
    Santa Barbara, California
  4. Power Strip
    Seattle, Washington
  5. The Big Nest
  6. The Exit Bags
    Edmonton, Alberta
  7. Glenrock
    Los Angeles, California
  8. being awone
    Portland, Oregon
  9. skunk ape
    Seattle, Washington
  10. Vitalis/Computer
    New York, New York
  11. Eyecandy
    Oxnard, California
  12. Swingsets
  13. Archival Image
    Eugene, Oregon
  14. Butter Bean
    Santa Barbara, California


Drongo Tapes Seattle, Washington

independent cassette label. hazy, worn, empty. limited run handmade tapes

all tapes $4-6 with discount code 'slidingscale'

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